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Bird's Eye Roof Top Restaurant and Convention Hall

Bird’s Eye Roof Top Restaurant and Convention Hall is a multi-cuisine rooftop restaurant located at the center of Dhaka city. A sight to behold, a meal to cherish.
Where else in Purana Paltan can you find a quiet place away from the ear-popping sounds of the busy streets ? Bird’s Eye Roof Top Restaurant proudly declares to be the only choice ! It is positioned on the utmost floor of the grand Baitul View Tower , which stands boldly at the center of the city that we dwell in , opposite to the north gate of the national mosque , Baitul Mukarram .
Bird’s Eye was opened in February 2012 and is now certainly one of the most attractive patios that you may love to visit . No matter what the season is , wind here in Bird’s Eye never seem to stop blowing ! Besides the million dollar view from the top , Bird’s Eye also have some inner attractions . One’s heart might easily melt by the classic green garden and the artistic terraces .
( If you are carrying a baby and don’t want to dine in the open air , no worries! We have special Accommodations inside the restaurant and at the roof top glass room on the 21st floor . )
We all love to go out at night . Lights are always dazzling all over Dhaka City . Now imagine how it would be like to watch the whole city at night from this height! Wind that will blow away your mind , amazing view of sparkling stars down there and the sizzling smell of delicious foods . It would feel like Spring in Autumn! You better not miss this opportunity !
Bird’s Eye Roof Top Restaurant has its own Convention Hall at the 18th and 19th floor of Baitul View Tower . If you are to have a grand party , then come over to have a look . We do arrangements for Official parties , Gaye Holud , Wedding Ceremony , Wedding Reception , Baby Shower , Birthday Party and many more .
From a family dinner to hang-out with friends to a romantic date with your partner, can be made much more special with the mouth watering dishes prepared by our world class chefs .
We always pick fresh vegetables straight from our own garden and present a hygienic dish in front of you . There is a wide range of items that you can choose from – Continental , Thai , Chinese and Indian Cuisine . We work best to maintain our quality . Your satisfaction is our main concern .
What ? You have not yet visited this extra ordinary place ? Don’t worry ! There’s always a first time .. Come , visit us . . explore this wonderland and experience the 360-degree panoramic view of Dhaka City !