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Cafe Mezzuna provides continental food.


The amazing Cafe Mezzuna!✨
Swipe ➡️ to see all the pictures ❤️
In frame: Cold coffee
Watermelon basil crush
Beer battered fish fry
Smoked chicken breast

Posted on , By GHAR CHARA - ঘC

Can you believe 4 course meal under Rs. 500?
📍Café Mezzuna
Credits: @thefoodgambler

Posted on , By Whats Hot Kolkata

Cafe Mezzuna presents Fantastic Four Weekday Lunch at just Rs. 475/-.
In this fast paced life of ours, it often becomes difficult to try something of everything we like. In most of the restaurant or cafe visits, the menu seems lavish and attractive, but we usually don't possess the appetite to try every dish by ordering them on ala-carte basis, and even if we do, the price point starts piling up. This is where the concept of set menu gets introduced where there is a mix and match of everything, price to the point and we get to try a lot of varieties clubbed into one single package.
Where? South City Mall, 2nd Floor, Shop No. 224-B, 2nd Floor, 375 Prince Anwar Shah Road, Kolkata, West Bengal 700068.
What is it about? Fantastic 4 Weekday Lunch at just Rs. 475/- + taxes, this offer comprises of a set menu with four courses. Two seperate menu with different individual option for most of the part, the aim is to give classic dishes at an economical cost which otherwise when combined will cost more than what one would like to pay for. Starting from Soups, salads, Entrèes/Pasta and then finally ending with desserts, the varieties in these two menu gives one ample choices to choose from every single time they visit.
What can you expect?
Menu 1
Soup of the Day (Veg/Non Veg)
Mezzuna Ceaser Salad (Veg/Chicken)
Greek Salad (Veg/Chicken)
Mix greens with honey mustard dressing (Veg/Chicken)
Mezzuna Special Fish n Chips
Grilled Fish with Lemon Butter Sauce
Chicken Stroganoff
Chicken Goulash with Herb Rice
Spinach, Corn & Cottage Cheese (Al Forno)
Vegetables Tagine with Herb Pilaf
Penne White Sauce Pasta (Veg/Chicken)
Spaghetti Aglio Olio (Bell Pepper/Mushroom/Chicken)
Vanilla Bean Panna cotta
Guatemala Cheesecake.
Menu 2
Soup of the Day (Veg/Non Veg)
Pesto Ceaser Salad with Olive & Sun-dried tomato (Veg/Chicken)
Grilled Vegetable Salad with Balsamic drizzle (Veg/Chicken)
Ambrosia Salad with Caramel dressing.
Mezzuna Special Crumbed Fried Cheesy Fish with French Fries
Chicken Goulash with Herb Rice
Thyme Garlic Chicken with Herb Rice
Baked Fish with Tomato Chilly Jam and Sauteed Potato
Exotic Vegetable with Cottage Cheese Al Forno
Baked Vegetables with Cheese Sauce
Pesto Aglio Olio with Spaghetti (Veg/Chicken)
Chunky Tomato with Olive and Bell Peppers
Vanilla Bean Panna cotta with Berry Compote
Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Icecream
What you can't miss?
Grilled Vegetable Salad with Balsamic Drizzle (Veg/Non Veg) - Crunchy and crispy vegetables with lots of greens tossed in a sweet and tangy balsamic sauce, a melody of exciting flavours clubbed into one refreshing salad.
Mezzuna Special Crumbed Fried Cheesy Fish - Flaky Basa marinated with cheese and a slight mustard layer, crumbed fried to deep golden and served with french fries.
Baked Fish with Tomato Chilly Jam and Sauteed Potato - Fish fillets done gently in an oven, topped with a sweet and spicy tomato chilly jam and served with sauteed mouthwatering potatoes.
Chicken Goulash - A semi gravy light preparation much like a stew, this is done with carrots in a tomato gravy. Served here with herb rice for a complete meal.
An exciting and flavourful menu, drop in during the weekdays to sample the Fantastic Four Weekday Lunch at Cafe Mezzuna.
Thank you Ritaja SenGupta for the invite.

Posted on , By Koninika De

Cafe Mezzuna south city delicious buffet menu came and enjoyed ❤❤❤🥀❤❤

Posted on , By ChefDipak Halder (Dipak Halder) Group: Great chef's Kolkata Rocking food style

Located at second floor of South City Mall, Cafe Mezzuna is a modern themed cafe. The artificial green creepers, deep brown wooden pannels, warm yellow lights setting a cozy welcoming ambience.
Recently they have introduced a four course meal, the "Fantastic Four" menu where you get a soup, a salad, an entreé (or pasta) and a dessert of your choice, at just 475 INR only. They offer both Veg and Non-Veg options.
Mezzuna has always been one of my favourite cafes serving extremely delicious Pizzas and this menu too, reflexes their entraordinary culinary expertise.
Visit any of the two outlets to avail the offer.
Thank you Ankur Sir for the invitation.
💸 Meal For Two : ₹1000 (approx.)
⏱ Timings : 12 PM - 11 PM, All Days.
📍Cafe Mezzuna, South City Mall, Shop No. 224-B, 2nd Floor, 375 Prince Anwar Shah Road, Kolkata, West Bengal 700068.
Follow @foodfanatiques for more food updates.

Posted on , By Food Fanatiques

While most of my colleagues and friends have moved to their Hometowns, during the pandemic and the paradigm shift in the way IT folks can now work, I consider this to be my home and continue to work from Baridhara. Last 1.5 months spent with my parents , in my ancestral house and in the City of birth was different. I did not step out much ,save 3-4 days, but what I realised - the perk of work from hometown was one could manage to attend family functions which we otherwise skip , or meet friends on weekends without having to travel to other City, as almost everyone has made their way back to Kolkata. So many years of our lives , we had given up attending family functions , birthday parties, did not see or touch near ones , when they passed away ... Because we were away , working and living by ourselves.
This time, In this way I could meet one of my extended team members from Mumbai in Kolkata. She is very artistic and a foodie too . Whenever , I am going to visit Kolkata, I am glad to have a hopping partner.
Lunch was at Cafe Mezzuna , South City Mall.
I took it to be a Mediterranean place, because of the name . But it was not.
Nevertheless , food was good , am happy about the dishes I chose.
P.S it's only in Kolkata, you don't have to eat basa for such dishes , you get Bhetki , served with a slice of Gandhoraaj.

Posted on , By Avrilsfoodjournee

Wanna try luxury buffet dining at a pocket friendly price?
Cafe Mezzuna offers you over 25+ items in just ₹775+GST.(Available only in weekend) And the best part of this is that you don't have to worry about the quality of the food. Being an unit of speciality group it serves one of the finest quality buffet menu in Kolkata.
Well cafe mezzuna has currently two outlets in Kolkata, one in Forum Mall(4th floor) and another one in South city Mall(2nd Floor)
Firstly after you enter you'll be amazed by its ambience & decoration. A perfect cozy, spacious place for having your buffet.
They have a bar section also. You can add on Mocktails and cocktails with buffet as per your choice.
Coming to food,
Well they serve over 25+ items in their buffet.
Buffet menu is given below, kindly Check that out.
Among them My favourites are,
In appetizer section I loved the pan tossed barbecued chicken wings and spicy marinated fried fish with lemon tartare.
From the salad section, all salads and specially the classic shrimp cocktail you must try.
Try their Smoke Tomato and Sweet Basil Soup and Chicken and Roasted Garlic Soup. Just delicious!
Oh you'll also get a Thin Crust Large Pizza served on your table in this buffet. Also they have a live omelette counter from where you can customize your omelette as per your taste.
In mains I just have to mention the Pan Grilled Fish with Lemon Butter Sauce, Asian Curry Prawns and Vegetable Lasagna. Those were just so scrumptious!
And what to say about dessert section! It was heavenly.. Full with Brownies , Cheesecakes, Panacotta, Custard, Ice cream with Chocolate Sauce, the Dessert section will leave you spellbound.
Available only in Weekend. ✅
Safety measures, hygiene maintained. ✅
Come, enjoy this luxury buffet at pocket friendly price at Cafe Mezzuna.

Posted on , By Abhishek Malakar

Is there really anything better than cheesy 🧀 pizza 🍕?? I don’t think so 🍕!! These pizza loaded with forest mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, witted spinach, goat cheese and sweet basil from Cafe Mezzuna , Forum Mall, Kolkata.
Tag someone who’d love this!!! 🤤😍

Posted on , By Abhishek Ghosh (Audi) Group: Munching Monks - The Most Delicious Food Journey

Turkish menu launched by Cafe Mezzuna
picture _ Whatkolkataeats !

Posted on , By Eat at Kolkata

Kolkata has been witnessing quite an evolution in the restaurant business, and how the idea of fancy dining has changed could be easily seen as a paradigm shift. Cafe Mezzuna is one of the restaurants/ chains which has taken the baton from the good old Park street eateries and taken it to a new level which is great indeed but too global to stand out in its form. There's nothing very unique in the conceptual level but the food is anyways awesome! That's what matters at the end of the day.
Must have: Thin crust pizzas, lamb chops, cheesecakes.
In frame:
1. Pan grilled charmoula bhetki
2. Grilled New Zealand lamb chops
3. Dark chocolate fudge cake

Posted on , By Foodvice

Loved this grilled prawn skewers with hot anchovy - garlic butter... it’s so yum....😍
📍 Cafe Mezzuna, Forum Mall, Kolkata ( @cafemezzunaindia )
Price —
Grilled prawn skewer (425/-)

Posted on , By theprithing

We visited Cafe Mezzuna kolkata forum mall at around 3:50 PM.17th June 2018
We ordered for a risotto and to our utmost horror we discovered a screw while chewing it We fear that although we found the screw, something might have been ingested unknowingly. We trust your brand and have always been regular at your restaurants. The incident was taken quite lightly by the manager at the restaurant who apparently seemed to be sorry for it. He called the chef to apologise. We told them that we could no longer trust them and eat at their restaurant. But they insisted, using flowery words and so we waited as they said that they will make us another dish. But this also was cold and stale. We asked the manager to taste it and he accepted that it was stale. We left the place immediately grossly unsatisfied and scared as to what we might have eaten with the screw in the risotto.
I want this message to reach Mr Anjan Chaterjee.

Posted on , By Navneet Singhania Group: Mainland China

Smoked chicken pizza @ Cafe Mezzuna, Kolkata.

Posted on , By Amitava Ghosh (Abir) Group: Foodselfie

Food Review : Café Mezzuna, Forum Mall, Elgin Road
Café Mezzuna is the swankiest and biggest of all Kolkata based cafes. Situated in the 4th floor of Forum Mall, floor area of this eatery measures around 3500 sq. feet and is kind of shaped like ‘F’! It has two entry/exit doors, not visible kitchen, bar counter and a wall designated to display of food items for sale.
It’s an approximately 90 seater café with three types of seating arrangements and a small hall for private party bookings. Seating arrangements are – a row of ‘C’ shaped sofas with circular tables, regular cluster of 4-6 wooden chairs with rectangular tables and bar stools lined alongside of the bar counter. One whole length of wall has overview windows. Flooring is black.
Ceiling is divided into black and white sections and is covered with thematic hanging lightings. There are three LED TVs and soothing background music is on play. Overall, the décor has good quality and modern feel.
It has an elaborate bar menu. But it’s mostly famous for ‘Draught Beer’ which is available in – glass, pitcher and tower. Food menu comprises of beverages, fast food, desserts and Italian and Mediterranean cuisines. Both veg and non veg options are available. We ordered - Veg Soup Of The Day, Mojito, Mushroom Spinach Pizza, Pasta In White Sauce, Potato Burger, Corn & Sundried Tomato Crepe, Spinach Crepe, Falafel Wrap. The Veg Soup Of The Day had a very complex 6-7 worded name, but it was delicious. Serving of burger was very cute. This dish was served in the form of 3 mini burgers along with french fries and salad, on a thick wooden plank. Surprisingly, it also tasted nice. Crepes were the best with adequate and well cooked fillings. Other food items were also good.
A bevy of friendly waiters/serving assistants are present to assist you in serving as well as choosing the food. The ones at supervising positions also keep a keen eye on happenings around. However, in spite of being well trained, at times they seem a little stressed.
This café also has a presence in Poona.
Pocket Pinch: Approximately Rs. 1,200 for two people.
Timings: 11 am – 11 pm
Happy Hours: 3pm – 6pm (Mon-Fri)

Posted on , By Prity Poddar Group: Good Vegetarian Food Of Calcutta

Cafe Mezzuna, South City , Kolkata has an youthful ambiance and a wide range of variety in their menu card. The quality and taste of the food is worth giving it a try. You may also like it so much that you end up going here more. I have friends for whom Cafe Mezzuna always tops their list 💯
We ordered beer batter fried fish, harissa spiced grilled chicken & chicken Stroganoff!! Loved the food ❤️
Service could be improved but the staff is very well behaved. Overall it had been a good experience.

Posted on , By The.yumproject

Café Mezzuna, a unit of Speciality Restaurants Limited, currently having two outlets in Kolkata, which explores the world of Mediterranean, Italian, Spanish and French flavours. This is the south City mall outlet . The restaurant has perfect seating for lazy dinners and extended lunches where the conversation flows in no particular sequence as does the food chosen and served. So we were tried their weekend special buffet. And it was awesome . You can get all the 26 items at only 775 + gst
Yes ..they gave all the food at only this price
the weekend special buffet menu is
Assorted starters:
Seasonal vegetable croquettes
Baked potato
Pan tossed barbecued chicken wings
Spicy marinated fried fish with lemon tartare
Chicken panzanelaa salad
Classic shrimps cocktail
Orzo pasta with orange beet root
Hawaiian salad
Vegetable / mushroom bruschetta
Hummas assorted bread bask
Smoke tomato and sweet basil soup
Chicken and roasted garlic soup
Fresh tomato pizza
Chef special marinated chicken with crispy fried okra
Main course
Pan grilled fish with lemon butter sauce
Grilled chicken with mushroom pepper jus
Asian red curry prawns
Vegetable lasagna
Cauliflower and chickpeas tagine
Herb butter rice
Spaghetti agile olio with bell pepper and sun-dried Tomato
Chocolate brownie
Baked lemon cheesecake
Vanilla bean pannacotta
Caramel custard
Vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate sauce
Food was good specially the mains . Grilled fish is on point . Totally worth it . They served 26 drooling item in this price . Also they have special item per day . You can get pork special dishes also here
So I loved the place. Like really enjoyed the buffet and recommend all of you to come and enjoy the place

Posted on , By Oaishika Saha