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Standard north Indian & Chinese restaurant offering outdoor tables & home deliveries.


Chicken Tangri Butter Masala from Jai Hind Dhaba! So good! ❤️😍

Posted on , By Anindita Ghosh

Before you judge me for this combo, just hear me out once, okay?
So I have seen people try weird food combinations like Biryani with chilli chicken or Friedrice with Chicken Butter Masala and loving them - Now, I didn’t have the guts to try out the Biryani and chilli chicken combo but I really wanted to check the hype about Chinese friedrice and North Indian butter chicken. 🤷🏻‍♀️💔
Ordered A plate of Mixed Friedrice (Rs.290) and Chicken Tangri Butter Masala (Rs.440) from JAI HIND DHABA.
Yeah I played safe and ordered Friedrice from a North indian place! 😜 The Friedrice was loaded with chicken, scrambled eggs and prawns! Of course it wasn’t a kolkata chinese style friendrice but it wasn’t typically indianised too. Loved it and would order this again for sure. The only problem was that the some of the shrimps weren’t deveined properly as you can see in the picture.
Coming to the Tangri Masala - I have genuinely no words as to how beautiful this was. The chicken leg pieces were tandoored beautifully and the charred flavour was incorporated into the butter masala so well! Perfectly seasoned gravy coating soft succulent juicy chicken. Another must try. Even though A plate comes with 4 pcs of tangri which are quite humongous, 440 bucks seem to be on the higher side but it’s totally worth it.
I did enjoy the two dishes separately but would I like to pair them again? NO. 💔🥲
These weird food combinations aren’t my thing.

Posted on , By Anindita Ghosh