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Saltz Fine Seafood

Delectable seafood served fresh daily!

Welcome to SALTZ – Dhaka’s one and only fine seafood restaurant! SALTZ presents scintillating Continental & Asian recipes that will stimulate the palate of the fussiest of gastronomes. SALTZ basks in pride on the freshness of its products., each, prepared with choice seafood, fresh vegetables and accompanying ingredients. OPEN ALL DAY! EVERYDAY!


Many years ago, when Saltz first opened its doors, the seafood dining scene in Dhaka was more or less non-existent, today. Saltz is an iconic eatery and often the first choice of seafood connoisseurs in our city.


Having moved into new premises recently, it continues to follow the same gusto for seafood and the pandemic won’t bog that down, with policies such as wearing masks and social distancing maintained in order to protect the staff and customers alike, operations continue.


As opposed to those large complexes housing numerous eateries and other institutions, Saltz feels cosy, being in a single-unit building. It allows to ‘give a particular character to a restaurant. As you step inside, the marine and fish themed decor — from fish motifs on the walls, to decorative instruments and objects of the ship like the anchor, to even miniature ‘boats’ fashioned as lamps.


With the appetite for seafood kicked in, the menu will then offer you a wide plethora of delicacies to satisfy the palate. Saltz shall spoil you with choices. There are myriad soups and starters to pick from. The kebabs and koftas will continue to delight your taste buds. From Grilled Lobster to King Crab, and from ‘Pesto- Pangash!’ to ‘Totally Tilapia!’, and be it salmon or more exotic delicacies, Saltz has it covered. With fish-steaks, sizzlers, fillets, and pastas and so on, the eatery will not let you down.


You may opt for our catch-of-the-day, which a treat of whole fish cooked to your liking, with a range of styles and options to choose from. On the other hand, we also serve surf and turf dishes — great if your loyalty is torn between meat and seafood, that is. However, leaned towards seafood, and in came Scallops & Shrimp Lagniappe, after trying out their deliciously tangy and hot Tom Yam Kung.


The dish of scallops and shrimps was by itself large enough. With salad and fried rice on the side, the centre stage is occupied by a potato ‘basket’ containing, of course, scallops and shrimps, along with mushrooms (lots of it, thankfully) and other goodies. A flavorsome, spicy, and filling treat! Accompanied by their mock tails or fresh juices, and finishing it all off with desserts, Saltz will live up to its name.


The legacy continues! Essential info Saltz is now at House # 23/A, Road # 99, Gulshan-2. For home delivery, it has tie-ups with a number of food delivery services, whilst also providing delivery service ourselves in and around Gulshan.