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Top Restaurants in Mirpur

Mirpur is one of the busiest areas of the capital city Dhaka and is famous for all types of restaurants. From roadside to multi-cuisine, there are several food options available here. Let’s take a look at the top restaurants in Mirpur.

Sultan’s Dine is a restaurant dedicated to satisfying the craving for “Biye Barir Khabar.” The Mirpur branch of this famous restaurant is located at Mirpur- 6.

Food categories: They serve traditional wedding dishes of Bangladesh like mutton tehari, kacchi (basmati), murag pulau, chicken roast, beef rezala, jali kabab, chutney, borhani, zafrani sharbat, jorda, firni & salad.

Top food item to try: Of all these delicious items, their kacchi biryani (basmati) is the favorite. From the beverage section, the zafrani sharbat is loved by all.

Pros: Sultan’s Dine, Mirpur is very well decorated and they always serve freshly cooked food to their customers.

Cons: Sometimes the food becomes very oily and a few customers review that they found hair in the food.

Price Level: A person has to spend at least 350tk to have a proper meal in Sultan’s Dine. But for an adequate Wedding platter, the cost must be calculated between 550-650tk. You can also customize your menu from their various items.

Address: S.Ali Tower, Plot no.22, Section 6/A, Main road 1, Mirpur- 6, Dhaka-1217.

Rabbani Hotel & Restaurant is a very famous & well-known restaurant in Mirpur, Dhaka. There are two branches of Rabbani, One in Mirpur 10 and the other one located at Mirpur 11.

Food categories: From early morning to night, both branches remain busy to satisfy the hunger of food lovers. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, light or heavy snacks, you can pick any meal anytime.

Top food item to try: Along with regular breakfast items, they have a reputation for serving Mutton Nehari with Bread and Khichuri. The Rabbani kacchi has a reputation among all and you will find a variety of food options for lunch and dinner. In the evening, they offer a huge snack option such as chicken grill, Kebab, Chaap, Halim, and more. If you ever visit Rabbani, do not forget to taste the famous tea after your meal.

Pros: The name and fame of Rabbani have been around for ages. Day or late at night, wherever you go, Rabbani will never disappoint you.

Cons: Its food quality has decreased a bit since the opening of its second branch in Mirpur 11.

Price Level: By spending 200tk one can have a quality breakfast at Rabbani. For lunch or dinner, 250tk is a good amount for one person. If you choose snacks, 100-150tk will be enough. 


Branch 1- Plot#55, Avenue#1, Section# 10, Mirpur, Dhaka- 1216.
Branch 2- Section#11, Mirpur, Dhaka- 1216.

Xinxian is one of the oldest restaurants in Mirpur. They opened their first branch in Mirpur 10.

Food Categories: Xinxian offers delicious food with multi-cuisine menus, especially Thai, Chinese, continental, and cultural cuisine. In Mirpur, they have two branches located at Mirpur 1 & Mirpur 10.

Top food item to try: From the diverse menu of Xinain, Thai grilled chicken salad, Classic Prawn Cocktail, Beef Satay, and Thai Fish Cake are favorites of food lovers.

Pros: If you ask for the best Chinese restaurant in Mirpur, Xinxian will come first. It has held the reputation of serving quality food to its customers.

Cons: Xinxian does not have a menu for a single person which restricts lone customers to come and enjoy the food.

Price Level: It is up to you how many items you will take for a meal. But on average you have to spend 2000-2500tk for a 3-person meal. 

Branch 1- 6/C, 8/11, Mirpur 11, Dhaka- 1216.
Branch 2- Mirpur New Market, VTCB Tower (4th floor), 3, Main Road, Mirpur 1, Dhaka- 1216.

Just like other branches all over Dhaka, Khana’s- Mirpur is a top choice for fast food lovers. It was inspired by a street food business which was converted into a restaurant later. Their long menu will put you in a dilemma about which one to order.
Food Categories: Khana’s is a perfect place to have some snacks with a cup of cold coffee. People gather here to taste their food and hang around for some time.

Top food item to try: Food lovers usually start to gather here in the evening to taste their fries, wedges, burgers, sub sandwiches, and more.

Pros: Nowadays the younger generation loves fast food items more than anything. Alongside this, the quality and freshness that Khana’s provides is another reason for its wide acceptance.

Cons: This food place could be more accepted if they lower the price range a bit.

Price Range: For a proper meal, a budget of 300tk will be enough.

Address: Block# C, Avenue#5, Dhaka- 1216.